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Dear clients!

Dear partners and colleagues!

Currently all attention is focused on the Coronavirus. Regardless of how the situation is assessed locally and how objective this assessment is, only one thing is true: in crisis situations it is necessary to act calmly and reasonably.

Thus, we do everything to make sure, that your Medlife team acts exactly in this way. As part of our general and open communication, we would like to briefly inform you about the measures we are taking so that you can count on the reliable partner at your side. In coordination with the authorities, we continuously monitor the situation and take the necessary decisions quickly, which we divide into the following three areas:

1) Security: The security of our partners, clients and employees is our priority. Even objectively small risks are avoided. Therefore, we strictly abide by the recommendations of the authorities to limit personal contact at the moment. This is primarily achieved by limiting office hours, customer contact, travel and seminars.

2) Long-term perspective: We made sure that you continue to receive all necessary services from our team. Part of our team is purposefully at your disposal in the office, while the other part works from home. We ask for your understanding that processing some issues may take a little longer. However, in the long- term perspective, we can guarantee that our specialists will always be healthy and ready to work for you.

3) Stability: The financial stability of the entire group ensures that we are able to provide our clients with a full range of services. This fact proves the importance of our investment strategy and the significance of the traditional life insurances. The guarantees provided by these products remain valid today. No matter how the financial markets react to the crisis.

We are sure that we have taken all necessary measures and will act quickly and rationally whenever the situation may change.

We have already previously mentioned the reliability of traditional life insurance. Here you and your clients can feel absolutely secure. The life insurances of Medlife are the basis for long-term and reliable guarantee of the future.

Regarding more investment-oriented unit-linked insurances, the following should be noted: financial markets react quickly, but not always rationally to crises, or even to prospective crises. Last year you could see the profit opportunities offered by unit-linked life insurances. The fund, which is underlying EuroVip, grew by more than 11% last year, the one underlying Apollo Supreme by more than 30%.

Due to the current situation, the stock prices are, in some cases significantly, declining. However, this is not a reason to act irrationally. Unit-linked insurance is a long-term investment. History shows that short-term recessions which are connected with a crisis come back into balance very quickly. That is the reason why experienced investors are now advising to continue concluding contracts. Why? The answer is quite simple: it is profitable to buy now, as shares in funds are considerably cheap. And those who buy at low costs acquire even more opportunities for profit when the stock price rise again.

This is the idea which you could definitely keep in mind and present to your clients. Based on a solid foundation of classic life insurance (e.g. EIP, FFP, KIP, ...), it is advisable to conclude unit-linked life insurance contracts such as Apollo Supreme or EuroVip right now.

Dear colleagues, together we offer our clients stable, reliable and long-term investments - and situations as the one we are facing now, show especially how important it is.

Regardless of the current situation, we are proud to be your reliable insurance partner and wish you strength and success. Above all, however, we wish you, your family and your customers good health.

Kind regards,

Your Medlife team

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